Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ohioana Award Nominations

I am pleased to announce that five recent Crisis Chronicles Press titles have been nominated for 2019 Ohioana book awards. They are:

Serving by Kari Gunter-Seymour
Where Never Was Already Is by Steven Smith
Citizen of Metropolis by Christine Howey
Dodge, Tuck, Roll by Rikki Santer
Malformed Confetti by Juliet Cook

Fingers crossed! Good luck, you beacons of brilliance!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Dianne and I Cousins and my Top Songs in 2018

Still ill. But awoke to some very interesting news. 1) Dianne Borsenik got her DNA tested (I had mine done 2013) and we have discovered that we are 3rd cousins. 2) I also learned that one of our mutual ancestors, Guy Keith (my great great great grandfather on my father's mom's side), was a Union soldier who died as a prisoner of war at the Belle Isle Confederate prison in Richmond. 3) Finally, but less surprising, Spotify sent me my 2018 stats. The artist I listed to most was Prince (37 hours!). But the songs I listened to most (at least on Spotify) over the course of the year were:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Home, Sick, PoetryBay, Pizzazz

11/29 during Neuronautic Institute Presents at the
KGB Bar's Red Room in New York City
[photo by Matthew Hupert]
It's good to be home, except for coming down with a cold. Maybe it's from touching too many poles in subways.

I am even more behind than usual on messages and work. I planned to spend today catching up, but my head feels like it weighs 50 pounds, so I'm taking it easy. I apologize to anyone I haven't gotten back to expeditiously. As soon as I can....
Meanwhile, I am extremely grateful to Francine Witte and PoetryBay for this review of Thursday's New York reading with Matthew Hupert and Kat Georges:

Downtown Legends & ‘Mr. Cleveland Pizzazz’ Heat Up NYC Night At KGB.

11/29 during Neuronautic Institute Presents
[photo by Max Chernin]