Thursday, January 31, 2019

Madhouse Sessions: Poetry, Music & Mayhem - February 1st in Cleveland

Friday February 1st at 7 p.m. Join Madhouse Sessions at Guide To Kulchur in Cleveland for poetry & music featuring Ray Swaney, John Burroughs, Barry Graham, Leo Todd Jarret, Michelle Smolarski, Erika Blakemore & musical guest Pavlica.

I've participated in Madhouse Sessions several times over the past several years, twice in Ypsilanti and once in Monroe, Michigan. It's never the same twice and it's always a good time. So glad they're bringing it to Cleveland this time!

Guide to Kulchur: Text / Art / News
5222 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Special deal on our 10 most recent Crisis Chronicles books

Our ten latest Crisis Chronicles Press books! They are a $110 value (plus shipping) if bought individually. But PayPal $100 to to get all ten postage free.

Titles you'll get:

CC#106 - The Law of Almosts by Mindi Kirchner
CC#105 - Triple Threat by John Dorsey
CC#104 - Awaiting Time by Helen Shepard
CC#103 - Drinking From What I Once Wore: Selected and Recent Poems by Chris Stroffolino
CC#102 - Malformed Confetti by Juliet Cook
CC#101 - Dodge, Tuck, Roll by Rikki Santer
CC#100 - The Strength of Flowers by Steve Thomas
CC#99 - Citizen of Metropolis by Christine Howey
CC#98 - Where Never Was Already Is by Steven B. Smith
CC#97 - Serving by Kari Gunter-Seymour

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pure Poetry in Lorain Bar

Thanks to Geoff Landis and Cleveland Poetics
for this photo of the newspaper clipping
Many thanks to Speak of the Devil, Dianne Borsenik, Dave Lucas and NightBallet Press for a wonderful night of poetry, merriment and ribaldry on Thursday. Good times with good friends, old and new, at We're No Angels: An evening of poetry performances!

We ended up in the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram too. Read Ohio poet laureate Dave Lucas among readers at Lorain's Speak of the Devil by Carissa Woytack.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Crisis Chronicles Press publishes The Law of Almosts by Mindi Kirchner

We are extremely happy to announce the publication of The Law of Almosts, the latest poetry collection by Mindi Kirchner, one of our favorite writers. Now available for only $10 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.

Where are you?

The Law of Almosts is 46 pages, perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5". Contents include "The Law of Almosts"; "Globe-Spinning"; "X by X"; "Prize"; "Love Sonnet for a Perfectionist"; "High School Yearbook"; "Ray Ann Walker, Saint Rita Church Festival, 1971"; "The Good, The Bad, and The Ocean" "Remove Sunglasses"; "Desultory"; "The Duration of Events"; "Solving for Feeling"; "Dear Loneliness"; "Christmas Communion"; "The Last In-Flight Supper"; "Naming the Baby"; "Nomenclature"; "Not My Art"; "Split Ends" "The Sweet Spot" and "Fernweh." ISBN: 978-1-64092-976-0. Front cover image created by Steven B. Smith, who used Kathy Smith's Old Comb sculpture as his subject.

Mindi Kirchner’s first chapbook, Song of the Rest of Us, won The Wick Poetry Prize, judged by Jim Daniels, and was published in 2009. The chapbook was nominated for a Lantern Award and featured in an art exhibit, Penned by Penn Staters: Books by Alumni Authors, in University Park, Pennsylvania. Kirchner has also been a finalist in the Best of Ohio Writers contest and for the Whiskey Island Poetry Prize and the Robert Hare Award. Her poems can be found in the Wick Poetry Series anthology, The Next of Us is About to Be Born. Her work has also appeared in numerous independent journals. She spent 10 years teaching composition and developmental writing at Youngstown State University. She now lives with her husband and very delightful daughter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and teaches at Albright College in Reading. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I'm 0.6% Sub-Saharan African

23andMe keeps getting smarter and more accurate with their DNA ancestry results. I was just notified of their latest update this morning. And here's what I am:

Friday, January 18, 2019

We're No Angels (Lucas, Borsenik & Burroughs in Lorain 1/24)

This coming Thursday, 24 January, at 6:30 p.m., I will have the honor of reading with Ohio Poet Laureate Dave Lucas and NightBallet Press publisher Dianne Borsenik as NightBallet presents We're No Angels: an evening of poetry performances at Speak of the Devil, 201 W. 5th Street in Lorain, Ohio.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My "Bloodshot" In Big Hammer #20
Hammer time! I feel honored to have a poem in the beautiful behemoth Big Hammer #20 alongside so many writers and artists I love and respect, including Chris Stroffolino, D.R. Wagner, Alex Gildzen, Bree, Lamont Steptoe, Hilary Krzywkowski, Tom Kryss, Rebecca Schumejda, Ingrid Swanberg, Bob Kaufman, John Dorsey, Kevin Ridgeway, Jake St. John, John Bennett, Ron Androla, David S. Pointer, Michael Estabrook, K.W. Peery, Scott Silsbe, Damian Rucci, Russell Salamon, Jen Dunford Roskos and so many more. I first discovered Big Hammer 10-or-so years ago in a bookstore in Lewisburg, West Virginia, and have been a fan ever since. Thanks to Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books and editor Dave Roskos! Big Hammer #20 is 8.5" x 11" and 305 packed pages. Buy your copy for $20 at

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Crisis Chronicles Press publishes Triple Threat by John Dorsey

Crisis Chronicles Press is ecstatic to welcome the new year with the publication of John Dorsey's Triple Threat, a perfect bound collection of three chapbooks in one. John is widely esteemed as one of the best writers in America and his work is unique and essential.

Where are you?

Triple Threat is 55 pages, perfect bound, 5.5x8.5". Contents include The Dusty and Lofty Dreams of Middle Class Fairy Princesses (a very rare, long out-of-print chapbook from 2004) as well as Dorsey's more recent Street Maps for Lost Souls and Ghost on the Inside. ISBN: 978-1-64092-975-3. Front cover image by Steven B. Smith.

Triple Threat
available for only $10 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA. 

Join us in the St. Louis area on 18 January 2019 for a special book release event, George Wallace and John Dorsey Live at the Book House, 7352 Manchester Road, Maplewood, Missouri 63143.

John Dorsey lived for several years in Toledo, Ohio. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Teaching the Dead to Sing: The Outlaw's Prayer (Rose of Sharon Press, 2006), Sodomy is a City in New Jersey (American Mettle Books, 2010), Tombstone Factory (Epic Rites Press, 2013), Appalachian Frankenstein (GTK Press, 2015), Being the Fire (Tangerine Press, 2016) and Shoot the Messenger (Red Flag Press, 2017). He is the former Poet Laureate of Belle, MO and Co-Editor, with Jason Ryberg, of the Gasconade Review. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. You may reach him at