Saturday, August 27, 2022

National Beat Poetry Festival and more in September!

I've been trying hard to catch up, friends. So many things to do, emails to answer, commitments to fulfill before I hit the road on the 1st. I feel like I need 30 hours per day - but I'll get there. So tired, but so grateful. I very much look forward to traveling again, seeing friends and hearing a mix of favorite and new (to me) voices at these upcoming events.

9/2 thru 9/4 in New Hartford, CT:
Nat’l & Int’l Beat Poetry Festival 2022
Where Jami Cassady, Ron Whitehead, Carl Spiby, Paul Richmond, Chris Vannoy, Annie Petrie Sauter, Pamela Twining, RescuePoetix, Sandra Feen, Dane Ince, Johnny Depp, Joe Kidd and I will be honored by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. and poets from all over will be reading. Congratulations to the other award recipients and many thanks to Debbie Tosun Kilday and the NBPF!

9/7 in Portsmouth, NH:
The Hoot Poetry Reading at Portsmouth Book and Bar
Where Maggie Dietz and I will be the featured poets. Many thanks to Claire Conroy and the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Project!

9/9 in Cleveland, OH:
Inkubator Conference at the Cleveland Public Library. Many thanks to Literary Cleveland!

9/10 in Toledo, OH:
Uncloistered Poetry Live! at The Attic On Adams
Where Pauletta Hansel, Miles Budimir, Jennifer Pullen and I will be the featured poets. Many thanks to Jonie McIntire!

And more to be announced soon!




Thursday, August 25, 2022

Work in two new anthologies from New Generation Beat Publications

New Generation Beat Publications - Part of NBPF, Inc. has three new books out and I'm honored to have work in two of them. So many good poets between these covers! Thanks to Debbie Tosun Kilday and the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. for keeping the fires burning!

My poem "Redux Isn't Pronounced Ray Do But That Hasn't Stopped Me" appears in New Generation Beats: National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. 2022 Anthology. I wrote it in July as part of Tupelo Press' 30/30 Project.

My poem "Let's Not and Say We Did" is in Remembering Jack Kerouac on His 100th Birthday. I began writing it during a trip to New England in September 2019 and completed it in February of this year in time to include it in my limited edition chapbook You Can't Trust It to Remain [Between Shadows Press].

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

On the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition Blog

"It should not come as a surprise that we count a Beat poet among urban Appalachians...."

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Mike Templeton for the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition blog. Read at

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Reading for the Bronx Book Fair August 13th

Next up, I'll have the privilege of sharing poetry with these fine folks on Saturday, August 13th as part of this year's Bronx Book Fair, happening on Zoom. Please send a message to Executive Director Lorraine Currelley at to register.

4:00 PM
Marion Deutsche Cohen, Edward D. Currelley, Arlene Klein, Alison Koffler, Stephen Kuusisto, Prince A. McNally, Deedle Tomlinson, Tim Tomlinson, and Dayl Wise

4:45 PM
John Burroughs, William F. DeVault, Dane Ince, Patricia Ince (aka Tish The Writer), Debbie Tosun Kilday, Carlo Parcelli, Chryssa Velissariou, and Ron Whitehead

5:30 PM
Makeela B. Amani, Robert Anthony Gibbons, Bobby Gonzalez, Jesus Papoleto Melendez, Mutiu Olawuyi, Eva Lianou Petropoulou, Julia Stein, and Danielle Stelluto (aka Poetical Dee)

6:15 PM
Roxanne Hoffman, Pierre Joris, Michael Lally, Linda Lerner, Abiodun Oyewole, Nicole Peyrafitte, Zev Torres, Tony Towle, George Wallace, and Joseph Weil