Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Important Announcement from Crisis Chronicles Press

Crisis Chronicles Press
has made the difficult decision to cease considering new manuscripts and publishing new titles through at least 2024. Please forgive us for failing to make the time to respond to any unsolicited queries or submissions during this time, no matter how much we love your work.
As Crisis Chronicles' founding editor and publisher, I have been fortunate to work with excellent poets from around the world for the past fifteen and a half years. I plan to keep most of our in-print titles available indefinitely and to continue getting them into the hands of new readers. But now that I am mostly caught up with my publishing commitments, I want and need to redirect much of my energies and focus away from publishing to other priorities.
I say "mostly" because there are still two authors I revere for whom I promised years ago to publish collections, though I have so far been unable to obtain all of the desired poems for these projects. I hope to fulfill these promises if and when I can. Also, I would like to eventually publish a volume two of Cheap and Easy Magazine and a volume three of Oct Tongue. But neither of those is likely to happen in 2024.
Please accept my deepest gratitude for your all interest and support over the years. 
Peace, love and poetry,

John B. Burroughs
9 November 2023
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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Video: Crafty Crows featuring John Burroughs, Karlostheunhappy and open mic on 11/1/2023

In case you missed it, here's the video of Wednesday's reading for the Gloustershire Poetry Society. I begin around the 35-minute mark, UK Beat Poet Laureate Karlostheunhappy begins around the 1-hour mark, and the rest of the time you'll find a wonderful array of other poets to hear. So many thanks to the Gloustershire Poetry Society, host Kate Jenkinson, director Jason Conway, co-feature Karlos, and all the other fine and talented people who contributed.


My setlist: “Odd Missive,” “Out and In Audible,” “I Hear Change,” “Bloodshot,” “Revolutionary Sentiments,” “Unwinding,” “Dog Day,” “Dog Day Too,” and “Redux Isn't Pronounced Ray Do, But That Hasn't Stopped Me." The first four poems come from Rattle and Numb and the rest come from The Wrest of the Worthwhile.

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