Saturday, December 30, 2023

Other places my poems have appeared in 2023

Every time a poem of mine is published, I try to post something about it here at this blog. But when I get busy, on the road, et cetera, sometimes things slip through the cracks and I forget I never did it. Here are five 2023 publications that I (almost certainly) posted about on Facebook but somehow neglected to share here. (Oops.)

I must say, though, that I am very happy that my work appears in these volumes alongside work by some of my favorite folk.

New Generation Beats
National Beat Poetry Foundation 2023 anthology [New Generation Beat Publications]

...includes my poem "Bearing Her"

Pudding Magazine: The Journal of Applied Poetry

...includes my poems "A More Honest Gospel According to John" and "So Much for Saving"

The Country Fried Panda Fest Poetry Anthology
[Green Panda Press] 

...includes my poem "Redux Isn't Pronounced Ray Do, But That Hasn't Stopped Me"

Common Threads 2023
[Ohio Poetry Association]

...includes my poem "Unwinding"

Anonymous Ally: Pride
[Heyman! Productions]

...includes my poems "Allen Ginsberg Wants You" and "Orlovsky"


Friday, December 22, 2023

Podcast: Poetry Spotlight presents The Poet Laureate Report (7 April 2023)

I realized that I never shared here the Poetry Spotlight podcast episode where Jeremy Jusek featured several poets laureate from Ohio, including me, back in April. So here you go. I'm on for about ten minutes beginning around the 11-minute mark. The other poets who appear, in addition to Jeremy himself, are Jonie McIntire, Ray McNiece, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Doc Janning, Wendy McVicker, and Sandra Feen.

Episode permalink:

Learn more about Poetry Spotlight, sponsored by the Ohio Poetry Association, at

Friday, December 1, 2023

Video: WPLS Celebrating Justin Hamm's Poet Baseball Card Series (18 Oct 2023)

On October 18th, Dustin Brookshire's Wild and Precious Life Series presented a Zoom reading by several poets who've been featured in Justin Hamm's Poet Baseball Cards. Here is video of that event:

I had the honor of being one of the readers, along with Traci Brimhall, Mary Biddinger, Sandra Marchetti, Curtis Crisler, Rick Campbell, Tony Brewer, Michael Meyerhofer, Jack Bedell, Alexis Sears, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Francine Witte, and Marcus Wicker. Around the 25:30 mark, I read two poems: "So Much for Saving" and "Tenacity."