Saturday, December 30, 2023

Other places my poems have appeared in 2023

Every time a poem of mine is published, I try to post something about it here at this blog. But when I get busy, on the road, et cetera, sometimes things slip through the cracks and I forget I never did it. Here are five 2023 publications that I (almost certainly) posted about on Facebook but somehow neglected to share here. (Oops.)

I must say, though, that I am very happy that my work appears in these volumes alongside work by some of my favorite folk.

New Generation Beats
National Beat Poetry Foundation 2023 anthology [New Generation Beat Publications]

...includes my poem "Bearing Her"

Pudding Magazine: The Journal of Applied Poetry

...includes my poems "A More Honest Gospel According to John" and "So Much for Saving"

The Country Fried Panda Fest Poetry Anthology
[Green Panda Press] 

...includes my poem "Redux Isn't Pronounced Ray Do, But That Hasn't Stopped Me"

Common Threads 2023
[Ohio Poetry Association]

...includes my poem "Unwinding"

Anonymous Ally: Pride
[Heyman! Productions]

...includes my poems "Allen Ginsberg Wants You" and "Orlovsky"


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