Monday, November 23, 2020

Two new reviews of Ode to Horatio and Other Saviors by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

Five stars each, recently posted to Amazon:

"Ms. Srygley-Moore's ability to capture moments of just how jarring random events are to a creature that doesn't comprehend, yet still remains loyal to those who have varying degrees of concern, from love to just something else to be processed, capture the heartbreak and confusion that must have been felt by Horatio, Evy and the others. The empathy shown at times make the tragedy of "if only" even more acute. We share so much with them and denying that identification makes for the sadness - and anger - that fuel the poet."

— Christopher Wetmore

"Here is a realistic poetry book about our world, parts of of it seen through a dog lover's bond with a pitbull named Evy, who has to be euthanized when Evy bites the author's 13 year old daughter's friend. The pitbull was a rescue and all efforts of love are made to avoid the kill shelter. Carolyn Srygley Moore finds through strong imagery that we are our own saviors. The power of her own heart rides deep into both her own childhood themes, past relationships and themes that correspond to her advocacy to save dogs from murder who are genuinely adoptable. The author will hit your heart. Expect to drop a tear or two on these pages."

— Paul Cordeiro  

U.S. or Elsewhere?

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Elizabeth Marino reviews Rattle and Numb

I am super grateful to Elizabeth Marino for her kind review of my recent book, Rattle and Numb: Selected and New Poems, 1992-2019 [Venetian Spider Press] on Goodreads:

"There is always the challenge to readers of poems heard in strong live performance to challenge the page work as print poems rather than transcriptions. This collection does not disappoint. Burroughs brings a strong understanding of structure to his work; there are many fully crafted pieces, and should not be seen as 'mere' beat musings. These are heartbeat poems, which have their own life on the page. Whimsy and rage, like the proverbial lion and lamb, find their places together here. Much cool stuff. Snap." 

Elizabeth Marino, author of Ceremonies, Debris, and the just released Asylum.

Buy Rattle and Numb from my favorite independent bookstore, or your own.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Lost Only $102.38

Some of our recent titles
The pandemic has been very tough on indie authors and small press publishers. In my case, running Crisis Chronicles Press in addition to buying and selling my own books (both those I've written and the used ones I buy cheap and sell online), with almost all of my paid gigs and book fair/reading events for this year cancelled, I'm lucky it hasn't been worse. This week, I did the math. From 1/1 through 11/11 of 2020, the "business" (I use that word very loosely) has lost only $102.38. Thank goodness for faithful poetry lovers, buyers and donors. It can't happen without you.

If you wanna help us break even (always a goal), we still have books to buy.

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