Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not for the Money

We don't do this for the money, obviously, though it would be nice to break even. Crisis Chronicles Press has received $2869.46 in receipts (sales and donations) so far this year. Pretty good. This number includes more than just CC Press titles, however. It includes what I've received selling any books at all: (1) ones I've published through the press, (2) copies of chapbooks I've written (published by other presses) that I've sold myself, and (3) books I've bought cheap here and there and resold in the Amazon marketplace. So $2869.46 came in from all that. How much of this have I spent to produce and distribute Crisis Chronicles Press titles in the same period? I've spent $3263.66, mostly on ink, printing and mailing. So the press has lost a mere $394.20 this year. Not so bad for doing something I mostly love, right?

Now compare this to last year, when we received $7650.40 and spent $7943.21 to lose $292.81. Part of this is because I'm a bad businessman. I give away more books than I sell. (I also buy more books than I sell.) But whatever the reason, this is not a model of sustainability. What to do? I don't know. I'm just talking aloud, partly because someone recently accused me of making a fortune off poetry with my "ersatz" press. I laughed and got angry at the same time. I'm proud of what the press does. But like I said, it isn't for the money.

If you'd like to help us break even, please consider buying a book or making a small donation. And many thanks to the people who have done so faithfully since I started this project back in 2008. Much love to you!

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  1. Update: Through the end of August this year, Crisis Chronicles Press has received $3535.86 and spent $4014.91.