Thursday, December 17, 2015

Showing My Behind

Good morning!  So what's up with me since my last blog entry?  Well, it seems I'm finally 99% over the bout of bronchitis that had me down for over a month. This week I got to see a lot of family members I hadn't seen in over a year and I returned to the church that was a big part of my youth for the first time in over twenty years.  Alas, both were during the visitation and funeral for my niece's two-and-a-half-month old baby boy, Lucas

I finally got my troublesome printer working properly, while my old Toshiba laptop finally died. I've had that computer since January 2009.  My phone died, too, but came back to life after I blew canned air into it.  Now I'm trying to catch up on a million things.  Actually, I feel like I've been in a constant state of catching up since about 2009.  And a large part of that has had to do with my Crisis Chronicles Press.

I've made progress toward catching up in 2015, publishing 15 titles so far (plus one more coming by the end of December), but not the 24 titles I had hoped when the year began and before life intervened in numerous ways (as it does every year).  That leaves me with another 27 titles I'm committed to publishing. So I will aim to put out two or three a month in 2016 and be caught up by the end of the year.

You probably wonder why I committed to so many books.  Well, I did so quite some time ago when I had seemingly endless time and energy and good health and resources, before my wife got ill and retired early and needed more help and before I needed to do more money-making work and less art-making work.  But I love these books so much I could not pass them up, and I look forward to getting them out in the coming year. 

Thank you for your friendship and support through it all!

Peace, love and poetry,


  1. Well that is a good summing up of things. I have a feeling life will allow you to catch up this year. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    Sending a good wish your way and letting you know you have my continued support and friendship.
    Wishing you well in your continuing endeavors.
    Glad you are finally feeling better. <3