Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Reviews of my Water Works and Chance

Jennifer Polhemus reviews my Water Works (The Poet's Haven, 2017): "My first read in celebration of National Poetry Month 2017...The sensual physicality of John's poetry leaves me feeling like I've taken one too many Vicodin; pleasantly spinning with just a slight annoyance of itchiness. Only some sort of orgasm will distract from the need to scratch. Delightful read!"

Jennifer Polhemus reviews my It Takes More Than Chance to Make Change (The Poet's Haven, 2013): "My second read in celebration of National Poetry Month 2017...What a frolicking good time! In respsonse to 'Tooth Telling', pg. 16, I write: 'So leave your tooth then, / beneath one of my pillows. / I promise you a quarter / moon at dawn. / Give the silver disc / to a Hobbit / hiding in the roots / of my mountain. / He knows what is precious... / the same as you.'"

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