Wednesday, November 14, 2018

50 years after d.a. levy’s death....

Read this piece by Mark S Kuhar at

Then join us for a poetry reading at levy's grave on November 24th at noon.


  1. Wow.. Thank you for sharing the piece by Mark K. Lots I did not know about d.a.

    Could you share that to the d.a.levy page on Facebook if it hasn't already been shared there?
    I'm uncertain if I can get to the commemoration on Saturday or not. Not sure yet how much of next weekend I will be in Cleveland. I will email you my d.a.levy poem I wrote a long while ago. If you see fit perhaps you could share it for me if I don't make it. It was inspired by a portion of his Suburban Monastery Death Poem.

    peace and poetry to you ~
    Christina B.

  2. Thank you! I've already posted it there. Yes, I like your poem. :)