Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Three poems from Rattle & Numb nominated for the Pushcart Prize

self portrait b/w Rattle & Numb front cover (art by Emma Anderson)
Honored to learn that Venetian Spider Press has nominated THREE poems from my new book, Rattle and Numb, for The Pushcart Prize! They are "Hampuy (Come)," "Rough Cure," and "Birther." I am most grateful for everyone who has picked up a copy so far! 

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  1. "Rattle and Numb is a perfect collection! I'm so glad it's in my library."
    - James Benger, author of The Park and Things Have Changed

  2. "I highly recommend [Rattle and Numb]! I heard John read several wonderful excerpts yesterday!"
    - Monica Weber Babcock, author of Burden of Remembrance

  3. "Burroughs is as close to a master I've ever met within the poetry community. He deserves all the success he has been getting lately. This collection is phenomenal."
    - JM Romig, author of Everything Defenestrated

  4. "The poems in John Burroughs' recent book Rattle & Numb (Venetian Spider Press, 2019) are culled from original work written from 1992-2019. The collection reflects the breadth, variety, and vision of his work, documenting an evolution of subjects and styles while at the same time presenting his unique voice. The poems range from haiku ('After Kao Ch’an,' 'Twilight'), spoken word ('Lens'), elegies ('Suite Melissa,' 'Unfounded'), linked with masterful and witty wordplay and homage to the Beat sutra ('souptra') tradition. Burroughs’ reputation as a performance poet is impressive, but one needn't be in his presence to experience his artistry. The poems hold their own on the page, too. Fingersnaps!"
    - Beth Copeland, author of Blue Honey.