Monday, September 6, 2021

Videos from this Year's National & International Beat Poetry Festival

As mentioned in a previous post, I had the honor of participating in the 2021 National and International Beat Poetry Festival this past weekend. There were two components to the festival this year: live in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, and online via Zoom. Because I was in the Hocking Hills on Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday for my daughter's wedding, I sent in a short video to the festival organizers ahead of time and then was unexpectedly able to join in a live Zoom as well.

Because I was so distracted with so many good things, I totally spaced out and ended up reading the same poem ("Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine") both times. That was not my intent!  Oops - It looks like I read two different poems ("Alarm Blocks" and "Way Erred Scenes inside a Jazz Mine") after all. Apparently my brain still hasn't recovered from the weekend (or I need 20 more hours of sleep). Here are the video links:

Day one:

Day two:

Coincidentally, on both days I appear shortly after the one hour and nine minute mark.

Many thanks to online host Chryssa Velissariou, to National Beat Poetry Foundation CEO Debbie Tosun Kilday to and everyone else who helped out and/or participated in this year's festivities. Hopefully I'll be able to attend in person in 2022.