Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Two pieces in Night Owl Narrative (a Cajun Mutt rag) No.3

I'm pleased that two atypical pieces of mine ("Over the Rimbaud" and "Well Met") appear in volume three of Night Owl Narrative, published by Cajun Mutt Press. Other contributors to this incredible book include Ben Holland, Blu K. Boss, Scott Laudati, Jay Passer, A.L. Locke, Michael Duckwall, Ron Whitehead, Jim Murdoch, Wayne F. Burke, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Joe Szalinski, Efe Tusder, Randy Barnes, Rot Duffield, Dan Flore III, LB Sedlacek, William Teets, William David Pollard, Robert Ragan, Dan Denton, Heath Brougher, Dee Allen, Lynn White, Wendy Cartwright, Sanjeev Sethi, Daniel S. Irwin, Austin Burrows, Wolfgang Carstens, Merritt Waldon, Rob Azevedo, and Jonathan S Baker. So many thanks to editor and publisher James Dennis Casey IV.

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