Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2nd edition of my Electric Company released with three new poems added

The self portrait I took is in color, but we ultimately
chose to use black and white for the book cover

I hear that the folks at Writing Knights have just released the 2nd edition of my classic 2011 chapbook Electric Company. Merry Christmas!  This version includes three new bonus* poems that appear nowhere else.  I've also revised a couple of the book's other pieces.  Here's the new order of poems:

I Hear Change 
For One*
Out and In Audible
Strongsville Coffee
More, Man*
Mercy Less
Cannot Believe William S. Burroughs is Dead
Zzzz Bra
Plus Sighs*
Tell Them I Am Sent You
Think You Very Much
Come Pass
A Poem Like John Dorsey
Alarm Blocks
Electric Miasma

Speaking of order, click here to get your copy of the new 2nd edition of Electric Company for $8 from Writing Knights Press.

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