Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ohio Poet Laureate Established

You may recall that I was one of several Ohio Poetry Association members who testified at the Ohio Statehouse earlier this year in support of Senate Bill 84.  I am now pleased to report that the General Assembly has passed the bill and created the position of Ohio Poet Laureate. 

Read Senator Kearney's announcement at the Minority Caucus Blog.

An excerpt from the bill (as passed by the House):

Sec. 3379.12. (A) The position of Ohio poet laureate is hereby created. The Ohio poet laureate shall be appointed by the governor from a list of not less than three candidates recommended by the Ohio Arts Council based on qualifications developed by the arts council under division (F) of section 3379.03 of the Revised Code. The arts council shall submit its list of candidates to the governor not less than ninety days prior to the beginning of the Ohio poet laureate's term of office.

(B) The term of office for the Ohio poet laureate shall be for two years. The initial term shall begin on January 1, 2016.

(C) In the event of the death, resignation, or any other vacancy or inability to perform the duties of Ohio poet laureate during an individual's unexpired term of office, not later than sixty days after the vacancy occurs, the Ohio arts council shall recommend a candidate to the governor to serve as poet laureate for the remainder of that unexpired term of office.

(D) An individual may be reappointed to subsequent terms of office, at the discretion of the governor.

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