Monday, March 2, 2015

Nineteen books I read in February 2015

The silver lining to having to spend so much time in doctors' offices and the hospital with loved ones this past month is that I was able to knock a few books off my ever growing to-read pile.  The silver lining's silver lining is that most of these were pretty darn good.

Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm by Juliet Cook & Robert Cole [2015, Hyacinth Girl Press]
The Paris Notebooks by R.A. Washington [2015, NightBallet Press]
Captain Head by Dustin Holland [2013, Kleft Jaw Press]
Personal Myths by Howie Good [2012, Writing Knights Press]
Android by Lek Borja [2011, Plan B Press]
The Slop of Giving In, The Melt of Letting Go by Nikki Robinson [2009, P2B Press]
So Damn Sure of Us by Bree [2015, NightBallet Press]
Fortune Cookie by Dianne Borsenik [2012, Kattywompus Press]
The Ides of March: An Anthology of Ohio Poets edited by Hannah Stephenson [2013, Columbus Creative Cooperative]
dueling poets / poets dueling by Russell Vidrick & Jim Lang [2014 reprint, Jim Lang]
Disturbing the Peace by Erren Giraud Kelly [2012, NightBallet Press]
Selected Regions of the Moon by J.E. Stanley [2013, NightBallet Press]
Hurricane Mouth by Amanda Oaks [2014, NightBallet Press]
Prayerbook Bouquet by Zach Fishel [2013, NightBallet Press]
Poems for Explosion by John G. Hall [2015, Crisis Chronicles Press]
Hotel Room by Bradley K. Meyer [2013, Vostok East]
Meditations: a suite for John Coltrane by John Sinclair [1967, Artists' Workshop Press]
congregations by David Highsmith [2009, Plan B Press]
Jerry in the Bardo by Tsaurah Litzky [2014, NightBallet Press]

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