Monday, November 28, 2016

Commitments, Cancellations

Yesterday I canceled my 17 December reading in Pittsburgh and my April appearance at the 2017 Poetry Throwdown in Kansas City. I hate to let folks down, but I'll need to stay close to home for the next several months. I've also resigned as editor/publisher of the annual Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology.  It's been a blast to do it the past two years, but I've needed for some time now to clear things off my plate as we continue my wife's liver transplant journey and I'm devoting most of my attention to her.

I have another 20 titles in my Crisis Chronicles Press to-publish queue, and I still plan to publish those, though I have fallen way behind schedule and the next few months will continue to be unpredictable. I'll formulate a new tentative timeline and contact our forthcoming authors soon, giving them more details, options and so on, including permission to find another publisher if they would prefer (as a few have waited a very long time already and I wouldn't blame them at all for losing patience). But I will definitely get all the books done at some point if folks can endure delayed gratification for an indeterminate while longer.

Thank you for your kindness, support and best wishes.  I'll write an update blog when I have more time at the computer.  I just let our dog out and am heading back to the hospital. <3

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  1. I'm hoping these commitments can be met in the future John. We are all rooting for Geri and for you.
    I know I will be happy and eager to hear you share your work again. In the meantime ... do what needs doing and work on chapbooks as you are able.