Friday, February 17, 2017

Yes, I'm a Mutt

I first signed up with 23andMe to have my DNA analyzed back in 2013.  It didn't give me as much detail as I'd hoped, pretty much saying just that I was 90-some percent European, with most of that being British and Irish.  Prior to that I had been under the impression that I had some Melungeon and/or Native American ancestry.  This testing made me think maybe not.

Flash forward to yesterday. I was trying to stay off Facebook and I got an email from 23andMe suggesting there were updated results. So I signed in, not expecting to learn much more. However, I was pleased to find that there is a lot more detail available in my DNA analysis than there was when I first signed up, and it looks like the Melungeon theory might be right after all.

Check out this chart of the components of my ancestry:

Yes, I'm still mostly European, and most of that British/Irish.  And yes, I already I knew I had a German ancestor who came to America around the 1700s.  But this is the first time I've learned for certain that I have Scandivavian, Sardinian, Iberian, Native American and even West African ancestry. I "most likely had a fourth great-grandparent, fifth great-grandparent, sixth great-grandparent, or seventh great (or greater) grandparent who was 100% West African. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1790."  Also, I "most likely had a fourth great-grandparent, fifth great-grandparent, sixth great-grandparent, or seventh great (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Native American. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1790."

Here's the full break down of my ancestry composition by percentages, to the best they can determine:

European 99.0%:
Northwestern European 91.9%
British & Irish 58.1%
French & German 9.6%
Scandinavian 3.8%
Finnish 0.0%
Broadly Northwestern European 20.5%

Southern European 2.6%
Sardinian 1.0%
Iberian 0.6%
Italian 0.0%
Balkan 0.0%
Broadly Southern European 1.0%
Eastern European 1.4%
Ashkenazi Jewish 0.0%

Broadly European

South Asian 0.0%:

Broadly South Asian 0.0%

East Asian & Native American 0.3%:

East Asian
Japanese 0.0%
Korean 0.0%
Yakut 0.0%
Mongolian 0.0%
Chinese 0.0%
Broadly East Asian 0.1%
Native American 0.1%
Southeast Asian 0.0%
Broadly East Asian & Native American 0.0%

Sub-Saharan African 0.7%: 

West African 0.3%
East African 0.0%
Central & South African 0.0%
Broadly Sub-Saharan African 0.4%

Middle Eastern & North African 0.0%:
Middle Eastern 0.0%
North African 0.0%
Broadly Middle Eastern & North African 0.0%

Oceanian 0.0%:
Broadly Oceanian 0.0%

Unassigned < 0.1%


  1. Interesting to see what makes up "you." I ❤️ history. Blows my mind to think of each of those people that had a part in creating an amazing person we all ❤️ named John Burroughs.

  2. Yes, I agree with Joan. You are lucky to know a bit of your history. I don't know all that much and now I'm interested and not many people left behind to ask questions of.

    I think mutts are the best. woof

  3. How wonderful. Your ancestry is so full, unique, and only you.
    I'm envious! All I know is that I am 50% Scottish-Irish;
    25% Swedish; 25% English; 25% German.
    Or so I think?!

  4. Not so fast, I guess! 23 and me just sent me my updated DNA ancestry breakdown and it's slightly different and apparently more accurate now. See the update here: