Saturday, February 11, 2017

Geri Lynne Burroughs

Around 6:20 on Wednesday morning, February 8th, I received a call from the Cleveland Clinic saying Geri's heart had stopped and they were trying to resuscitate her. I sped to the hospital and when I arrived I learned that they were unsuccessful. Just the day before the doctors had seemed so certain she would be fine. I've been wanting to write more but I have more tears than words. 

We will receive guests from 6 to 7 pm on Monday February 13th at Laubenthal-Mercado funeral home, 38475 Chestnut Ridge Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035, right down the street from where I grew up. Memorial service will follow at 7 pm. And then I'm gonna hibernate for a while.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and supportive to our family and me. Love to you.



  1. I know I'm going to find it hard to be brief here but .... I'm so very sorry John for you loss.

    Even expected losses are hard to bear but ones that come unexpectedly are even more wrenching. And the loss of a spouse particularly, your lives so deeply entwined, well, there are no words for it.

    I hope the memorial Monday will help some, at least a beginning to start to deal with the pain. Though it will take a long time. You've known each other so long and shared so much. Remembering all the good things is the best place to begin to put one foot in front of the other.

    I remember not wanting to go to Dick's memorial, it was the last thing I wanted to do. It seemed to put a finality on things I could hardly bring myself to bear but it gave me comfort in a way I had not expected it to. So I hope the same for you John.
    I suspect you feel numb more than anything at the moment. Take one day at a time. It will take a long while to find the ground under your feet. And you will have to find out in your own way how you will do that. Just know there are friends out here who care very deeply. Hibernate as you must but seek out company if you need it. It may help for a moment or two. Even if it is just a quiet cup of coffee somewhere.
    We want to help you get through this.

    Love and healing to you ~

    Christina <3

  2. So can imagine how you feel...Again, my condolences John. Hibernate away, but please know people want you to be well, and there are many who would be glad just to listen...including me. Take care. S Stephanie

  3. John, I am so very sorry to hear this. I have been praying for you guys. May you find comfort in memories and the company of loved ones. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

  4. I've lived with fear and loss and grief and confusion drowned in anxiety and depression for 3 years. The sun is just starting to shine for me again. If you want to talk...

  5. John, I'm so so very sorry for the heartache and loss. May you find blessings all around, and hear Geri' s voice in the opening of her favorite blossoms.... I know there are no words, so my prayers for you will be full of heart and love.

    K. Goergen