Saturday, April 1, 2017

Showing My Behind Again

In October 2015, I was so far behind I still had 36 books in the Crisis Chronicles Press to-publish queue. Talk about biting off more than you can fit in your mouth at the same time! This was shortly after Geri's TIPS surgery. As that gave her some relief and she started feeling better, I started trying to catch up, and by May 2016, I only had 20 in the queue. That was still too much for me to do in a reasonable amount of time, but it was progress. Then due to a combination of factors including non-press work picking up dramatically (as it tends to do in the spring, summer and fall) and then our moving into a new house in August and Geri becoming more ill, the number stayed at 20 until March 2017. Now I'm back at it as much as my mood will allow, aiming to get as much done as possible before non-press work picks up again. The magic to-publish number is down to 17 currently and with the expected publication of three more Crisis Chronicles titles in the month of April it will soon be 14. I foresee no reason I shouldn't be able to get all these done this year. That will be a lot of fantastic publications. Stay tuned to for the latest, and thanks so much for your continued support.

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