Thursday, September 21, 2017

After Turning 51

Many thanks to everyone who reached out to me for my birthday. Because mine is the 17th and Geri's was the 14th, we always celebrated them together. Needless to say, with her gone this year I didn't feel much like celebrating. Indeed I couldn't wait for the days to be past. I was invited to do lots of cool things on my birthday but decided instead to stay in and get as much work as I could done, though I did go catch a sunset on Lake Erie before bed. But through it all I saw your messages, comments and other kindnesses and your love helped get me through the day okay.
I am most grateful.

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  1. Finishing up a tough year is hard. It has been a heart wrenching one for you I know John. Many of us remembered you on your BD (and I remembered Geri as well). May the coming year bring some healing to your grief as you move forward in you life adventure.
    I have found the last 4 yrs. since Dick's passing challenging but illuminating. I had never lived alone in my life before so it has been an interesting time of adjustment. I've learned much about myself may it be so for you as well.
    love and many blessings for your year ahead... may the sorrow you still feel gradually be filled with splashes of joy. hugs <3