Monday, April 9, 2018

Noise Update

Jessie Herzfeld, John Burroughs & Shelley Chernin
perform "Speaking in Lungs" 4/8/2018 at Mahall's
[photo by Rob Galo]
After my last few readings (Nervous Dog, Ekphrastacy and the NightBallet book release) were so serious (the subject matter of my new book lends itself to that) I decided to just have fun yesterday at Noise Lunch and be a bit of a goof. Fortunately I had amazing collaborators in Jessie Herzfeld and Shelley Chernin. Thanks to Lisa Miralia and Margo Emm for pulling together such an unforgettable happening. After three great poetic events in the past four days and spending every spare moment this week trying to get Smith's book to the printer on deadline (a mission accomplished early this morning), I'm glad to have a down half-day to start catching up on a bunch of neglected miscellany that I'd like to get done before I go out of town Thursday. Maybe I'll even find an hour to read the news and take Leda for a walk. Stay tuned for a blog post about Smith's magnum opus, Where Never Was Already Is, the biggest book Crisis Chronicles Press has ever published. It's not only massive, but masterful. Lucky me!

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  1. Jessie read lines from Arthur Rimbaud in English and French and played theremin. Shelley read "fake news" is a Babel of languages and stuck them all over herself. I mostly improvised with a Bible in hand and, preacherlike, incorporated lines from my "Ahem (A Hymn") into a meander of weird wordless vocal gestures and political jokes.