Friday, July 20, 2018

I Misc You Again

Here are a few of the things I wanted to blog about in recent months but never did.

I have poems forthcoming in three places:
Pudding Magazine: The Journal of Applied Poetry #67
Missouri is a Ghost-Shaped Thing: Gasconade Review 2
BEAT-itude: National Beat Poetry Festival 10-Year Anthology

On April 2nd, Marcia Epstein interviewed me for her Talk with ME podcast.

In May, I was interviewed on video for Sundress Publications' CookBook project.

My poem "Unfounded" was a finalist (3rd place) in Goodreads' June 2018 poetry contest.

There are new reviews of my 2018 chapbook Loss and Foundering [Nightballet Press] here and here.

And Diane Kendig recently wrote a clerihew about me.

More soon, including a video clip from my performance at the National Beat Poetry Festival on June 2nd in New Hartford, Connecticut.  Stay tuned....


  1. Congratulation on the interviews and publications! What fun the clerihews are. Here is another for you:
    John Burroughs
    Suffers no conspiracy or UFOs
    The poetry he writes and the poetry he rides
    All with heart, in reality coincides

  2. Congrats John. Lot's of wonderful things going on in your life currently. <3