Monday, July 30, 2018

The Gasconade Review Presents: Missouri Is a Ghost-Shaped Thing

Contact to procure your own copy of The Gasconade Review Presents: Missouri Is a Ghost-Shaped Thing. The book also features work by Justin Hamm, Scot Young, Jonie McIntire, Joel Lipman, Dianne Borsenik, Steve Henn, Margaret Crocker, Daniel Crocker, Shawn Pavey, Jim McGowin, Shawn Pavey, Jeanette Powers, Mike James, Kevin Peery, Stef Russell, Melvin Litton, Lori Brack, Roy Beckemeyer, Virginia Harold, Benji Kuzemka, Jason Vaughn, W.E. Leathem, Timothy Geiger, James Benger, Kerry Trautman, Paul Koniecki, Michael Hackney, Marybeth Niederkorn, Joseph Davis, Gary Lechliter, James Brubaker, Victor Clevenger, K.S. Wuertz, Alison Erazmus, Jeff Hogue, John Dorsey, Brett Underwood, Sean Arnold, Ken Brown, Annette Hope Billings, Jamie Rhodes and Josh Crow. My three included poems are "Unfounded," "Ataraxis," and "No Other."


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    1. Thanks! I just updated the post to reflect that. Lovely work, guys. What a mighty volume!