Sunday, January 31, 2021

My "Flagging" in the 2020 BEAT Generation Anthology

I'm pleased to announce that my poem "Flagging" appears in BEAT Generation, the 2020 National Beat Poetry Foundation anthology published by Local Gems Press in December. The volume is edited by the current U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate, James P. Wagner, and features contributions from about a hundred poets from around the world including Donna Allard, Michael Amitin, Bengt O Björklund, Patricia Carragon, Alan Catlin, Andy Clausen, Juliet Cook, Beth Copeland, Joshua Corwin, Lorraine Currelley, Sandra Feen, Gabor Gyukics, Debbie T. Kilday, Mindy Kronenberg, Kate Lamberg, Geoffrey A. Landis, Catfish McDaris, Prince A. McNally, Carlo Parcelli, Dan Provost, Paul Richmond, Dave Roskos, Rikki Santer, Virginia Shreve, Tammi Truax, Pamela Twining, Chryssa Velissariou, George Wallace, Jon Wesick, Ron Whitehead and too many more to name here.

You can procure a copy from Mac's Backs or your own favorite bookseller.