Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Ethics Provocateur of Poetry

Carolyn Srygley-Moore's latest poetry book, Ode to Horatio and Other Saviors, which I recently had the honor of publishing through Crisis Chronicles Press, continues to receive rave reviews. The latest is on Amazon from someone who goes by the name Shadow Wing:

"This is the ethics Provocateur of poetry without the dry experience often attributed to glib yet well-intended narratives. The insight is as eloquent as it is relevant to the cause. Images burst with anecdotal testimony and coupled with stunning photography; moments caught in art are often images etched in heart. This is a brilliant and riveting read...worth every cent (or more)."

U.S. or Elsewhere?

Available for $12 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.

And don't forget a percentage of all proceeds from the sale of this book go to support Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers, an organization that pairs shelter dogs with veterans and provides pet therapy programs.

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