Monday, June 16, 2014

Charlotte Mann Impersonates NightBallet to Attack Me

This morning I noticed a new "review" on the Amazon listing for my 2009 chapbook 6/9: Improvisations in Dependence.  It's by someone using the identity "night ballet."

I knew it couldn't be by my friend Dianne Borsenik, who runs NightBallet Press and published my 2012 book The Eater of The Absurd.  So I wondered who it was.  I clicked on night ballet and noticed that he or she had reviewed other books, back in 2006.

Since NightBallet Press didn't exist in 2006, and anyway is not and would never be responsible for such a "review," I presumed that this Amazon reviewer recently changed his or her screen name to "night ballet." 

One of this person's older reviews was of a book called Licensed to Kill.  If you take the text of that older review and plug it into a Google search, you'll see that the reviewer's name change apparently hasn't yet propagated to all systems.  You'll see her real name, which she used to review under before adopting the "night ballet" charade.  It's Charlotte Mann.


  1. Oh, John how awful. That someone (she Charlotte) could have such a vendetta against you that she has to resort not just to continuing to attack you on Fb but now on Amazon but also drawing in Dianne also.

    This is wrong.. you are entitled to a life and a profession. And you have a right to not be hounded by someone.

    I'm so angry I don't know what else to say...

  2. I assume you mean Charlotte Mann the barber/poet not Charlotte Mann the English artist. What could she possibly hope to gain by doing this John?

    1. Neither, Mo. I'm sorry for the confusion. This Charlotte Mann is a poet/photographer who lives in northern Ohio.

    2. As far as I know, she's not a barber.

  3. Not sure of The Legal Standpoint in all of this, but isn't she Putting a Slander/Libel on Diane's Label since it is in print..just something for Diane to take into consideration...I have had people run me through the perpetual and virtual ringer, and have taken it on the chin..but when they start dragging down your associates and their reputations it's clearly a case of insanity on their part, and they should be forced to get some help.

  4. I stumbled upon this. What madness!! I don't know exactly what to say, as I have been betrayed by others from facebook, and have wondered how far people will go to hurt someone, as well as someone hurting me: how far would I go to retaliate. I am not sure of this as we only step into this "slice of life," not knowing the premise, nor the perpetuation, or the purpose of its direction. I only hope that somehow both parties can subscribe to forgiveness and straighten out their argument privately, then go about the business of tending to the world...Besides: it is impossible to KNOW anyone within a cyber world, completely, unless we meet in person, then the going of two worlds becomes foggy... Okay, I've said enough! lol