Sunday, June 22, 2014

Top 50 Posts on Previous Tao of Jesus Crisis blog

Thanks to everyone who has responded with kindness to my last blog entry about a woman impersonating NightBallet Press to attack me on Amazon.  <3

As you know, this is my new Tao of Jesus Crisis blog.  The old one will be deleted by GoDaddy this week when they discontinue Quick Blogcast (hence my move).  But before it disappears forever, I wanted to save some of my GoDaddy statistics for nostalgia's sake.  For one thing, I find it interesting to see which blog entries have gotten the most views over the years.

Though I began the old Tao blog in 2007, GoDaddy didn't begin their new statistics format until the summer of 2008.  So these statistics don't include the complete history if the blog, but they come close. 

So finally, here are screen shots that show what the 50 most-viewed entries at the old Tao of Jesus Crisis blog were from June 2008 through June 2014.  Bear in mind that some of the earliest entries were also crossposted on MySpace, and these statistics don't include the number of views there.  (Click the pics to view larger.)

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