Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 in SOUL

10 of my poems appear in The Poetry of S.O.U.L.: An Anthology of Selected Works by Poets from Around the World, just published by the Soul Collective of Collaborative Arts in Farmington, Michigan.

The 10 are "Rain Blow," "Cover Girl," "Slipping Backwards Into Blue Eden," "Bier," Much Adieu," "Therefore (I Am)," "Statuesque," "Angler," "Mark This," and "John Cage Engaged and Uncaged."

This book also features poems by Zualteii Poonte, Chuck Joy, Nabina Das, Marc Creamore, Dianne Borsenik, William Burkholder, Hosain and Judy Mosavat, Matvey Troitsky, Brittany Farber and Carla Dodd.  127 pages in all.  $16.50.  All proceeds go to support the charity S.O.U.L. (Source of Universal Love).

Click here to buy your copy.

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