Friday, December 16, 2016


The doctors have identified a likely culprit: uremia. Because of impaired kidney function, she has high urea levels in her blood. This can deactivate platelets, causing unusual bleeding, and can also make her extremely drowsy and out of it. The doctors are optimistic that by doing some short-term dialysis, they can reduce the urea and solve both her bleeding and her consciousness issues, allowing them to take her off the ventilator and get her reactivated on the liver transplant list soon.


  1. Relieved the doctors have troubleshooted the issues... and are working to improve Geri's condition. Hopefully this will allow her stability and time for them to find that liver she needs.
    Prayers and hugs that there will be good news and a turn around soon.

    We want to see Geri home with you and her family for Christmas. <3

    godspeed to you all John.