Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2017 by the Numbers

39 days spent at the hospital
11 books published via Crisis Chronicles Press
54 books I finished reading
35 concerts attended
51st birthday
1 new car
4 theater productions seen
20 featured readings given in 10 states
29 United States visited
326 days without Geri Lynne Burroughs


  1. was thinking a few thing more to for you to take note of.... 2 oceans you dipped your toes in on both coasts this year. All the new friends you have made, miles you drove, sunrises and sunsets you thrilled over. Lonely nights, which I hope you don't count... but knowing you a little I think you keep track of every thread small and large.
    I hope you remember all the love that's come your way, and the support this past year. You've had a devoted following of friends who have supported you. For them I give thanks. I see how much they've helped you. We need our friends most when times are dark.
    I hope this year you won't have to force the light into existence as you had to this last year. I hope it shines bright of it's own power now. Without effort. A year of joy ahead for you I hope , John. <3