Friday, October 15, 2021

Poetry Bonanza with Brewer, Baldinger, Plummer & Friends: 10/17 at Visible Voice

I'm happy to be joining these out of town poets for a reading on Sunday, October 17th, 1 p.m., at Visible Voice Books in Cleveland.

From the press release:

Join Brooke Nicole Plummer, Tony Brewer, Jason Baldinger, John Burroughs, Jeremy Proehl, Tom Raithe and more for a Sunday afternoon poetry bonanza. Open mic to follow!

Tony Brewer is a poet, live sound effects artist, and event producer. He is executive director of the spoken word stage at the 4th Street Arts Festival and president of the National Audio Theatre Festival. His books include: The Great American Scapegoat, Little Glove in a Big Hand, Hot Type Cold Read, Homunculus, and The History of Projectiles. Tony has been offering Poetry On Demand at coffeehouses, museums, cemeteries, churches, bars, and art and music festivals for over a decade, and he is one-third of the poetry performance group Reservoir Dogwoods.
Jason Baldinger is from Pittsburgh and looks forward to roaming the country writing poems again. His newest books are A Threadbare Universe (Kung Fu Treachery Press) and The Afterlife is a Hangover (Stubborn Mule Press). A History of Backroads Misplaced: Selected Poems 2010-2020 (Kung Fu Treachery) is forthcoming later this year. His work has been published widely across print journals and online. You can hear him read his work on Bandcamp and on lp’s by The Gotobeds and Theremonster.

Brooke Nicole Plummer is a poet from the Midwest. Here are some items listed in a newly developed faceted classification scheme that you may borrow from her “library”: (3D Printing Pen: +H1 :T1 =A1), (Camera: +H2 :T2 /O1), (Gardening Kit: +H3 =A2 /O2), (Green Screen: +H4 :T3), (Hiking Gear: +H5 =A3 /O3), & (Laptops with Hotspots: +H6 :T4). She is the author of Flyover, Compiled Nothings, Shaggy Frog, and Ceremonious, which was opportunistically released early while on a reading tour in Ohio (10/16-17 — many thanks to Tony Brewer & Tim Heerdink).
Visible Voice Books
2258 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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